Our Vision

Our vision

Hands-on. It’s who we are.

Every single person in Halfords, whether on the shop floor or working behind the scenes, shares our vision and values.

These aren’t corporate empty phrases dreamed up in a boardroom. They’re the qualities that people value so much in everyday life and love to bring to work.

Our vision is all about where we want to be – essential for people who love journeys:

We always put ourselves in the customer's shoes and many of us have a passion for an area of the business we work in, whether we love cycling, cars or camping. And this enables us to truly advise our customers, to earn their trust. Every member of the team aims to be helpful. We want to inspire each other and work as a team to:

  • Support Drivers of Every Car
  • Inspire Cyclists of Every Age
  • Equip Families for Their Leisure Time

That's what we do - but it's how we do it that really matters. That's why our vision and strategy is underpinned by a set of values we call our Hands-on Behaviours.

The journey we’re on:

  • We put our customers in the driving seat
  • We embed service into our DNA
  • We build on our uniqueness
  • We create better shopping experiences
  • We are investing in the future

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