Vehicle Technician & MOT opportunities UK wide.

Vehicle Technician & MOT opportunities UK wide.

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Working in Retail Operations Support

Our Retail Operations Support teams help us meet our ambitious business goals. Thinkers and planners, they are pragmatic and resourceful. And because we’re always rolling out the next strategy, work in a fast-changing marketplace and serve customers with evolving needs, that’s no mean feat. If you are enthusiastic, love challenge and thrive on change, this is where you’ll be right at home.

Retail Operations Support

Retail Operations Support: where it’s all going on.

The people who bring ideas to life, Retail Operations Support look at, identify and plan what the business needs to achieve our ambitious goals, and assess the people needed to deliver them.

As a busy business with big plans working in fast-paced retail, the support, planning and task-enabling that our teams carry out is essential to our success in everything we do, from store workloads and work schedules to communications, loss prevention and strategic implementation.

Their ability to plan and execute underpins the work of almost every other department, including Property, Finance, Commercial, Supply, Space Planning, Marketing and Logistics. So teams across Halfords - and retail teams across the UK – will look to you for support. So if you’re organised, pragmatic and an excellent communicator, this is where you can get on in retail.

We can also offer you ongoing development opportunities through our leadership and development programmes.


What goes on in Retail Operations Support?

Working at the heart of our business and driving it forward is a big job that presents challenge and opportunity in equal measure. But then, you’re someone who can see the bigger picture, join the dots and bring everything – and everyone – together to make this happen. Find out what goes on in Retail Operations Support.

Retail Trading Manager

The support networks in the business are easily accessible and advice is never far away.

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Retail Deployment Analyst

Halfords makes you look forward to Mondays!

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