Vehicle Technician & MOT opportunities UK wide.

Vehicle Technician & MOT opportunities UK wide.

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Working in Logistics Management

Our managers thrive on the challenges that come with co-ordinating logistics, operations, people and shifts. It’s a big job, but one you’ll love too if you can bring enthusiasm and an ability to take control of the pace.

Management Opportunities in Logistics

Logistics Managers

Taking care of the smooth running of our Logistics centres is a varied role that includes monitoring deliveries, making sure we've got the right people in the right place to process them, and ensuring delivery of excellent customer service through our stores and online deliveries. Their role also takes in overseeing health and safety, budgets and accuracy and engagement

As you can imagine, it’s a fast-paced environment that’s evolving as fast as the needs of our customers. The role changes as much day to day as it does from season to season: seasonal variations and weather fluctuations have to be taken into account whether ensuring there are enough roof boxes in store for summer holidays, or making sure there are enough bikes to go around at Christmas.

So our Managers live and breathe our values, wowing our customers and working as one Halfords family. They're strong leaders with an approachable manner and the willingness to listen.

They are also ‘people’ people who know that our business grows by developing and motivating our colleagues, developing our colleagues to be better every day, whether finding new ways to engage with their teams or exploring the right training opportunities for each individual.

What goes on in Logistics Management?

Take a look at how our Logistics Managers apply confidence, energy and a one team approach to delivering incredible customer service in an environment where the pace is fast and no two days are the same...

Team Manager

If you’re honest and strive to do the best for your customer, your team and yourself, you can’t go far wrong.

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