Training & Development

We’ve a passion for learning and are always looking for ways to improve our skills. We offer a range of structured training programmes for colleagues and leaders, plus loads of ways to develop via
e-learning and skills workshops.

Training & development

We have a range of training and development opportunities of offer for our Support Centre colleagues.

Support Centre Colleague Development

Every year we work with business leaders to conduct a training needs analysis which forms the training plan, Our core development programmes take leaders on a journey, from introducing you to the basics of good leadership and refining and developing these essential skills at each new level.


This is a Programme for colleagues looking to grow their careers by moving into Leadership's Roles, the Programme will help you with:

  • Increasing your self awareness
  • Understanding how to communicate effectively with others
  • Understanding the importance of language
  • Developing core interpersonal skills
  • Making time for your ongoing development
  • Personal development planning
  • Leadership that makes a difference
  • Coaching for performance

We will also offer a blended learning approach to a range of Business skills, to support our drive for delighting customers and driving innovation, they include short injections of learning against the following topics:

  • Halfords and the customer
  • Looking forward…Halfords strategy and the business environment
  • Business performance and measures
  • Creating value
  • Competitor awareness
  • Finance for non-financial managers
  • Service Profit Chain

In addition to this, we will also be offering a Leadership Offer, with development activity such as:

  • Managing myself through change
  • Planning & Organising
  • Problem solving and innovation
  • Working across functions
  • Influencing
  • Having great conversations
  • Facilitation & change management
  • Leadership at Halfords…the big 4
  • Situational Leadership & change management
  • Coaching
  • Hands On & Engagement
  • Leading innovators
  • Reviewing & measuring performance
  • Recruiting great colleagues


Inspire enables The Exec and Leadership Group colleagues to sharpen their leadership skills, understand the business even better, and master their ability to influence, present, coach and mentor.

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